Join the ranks in the Premiere NFT Boxing League! Brought to you by the one and only Boxing Legend: Manny “PacMan” Pacquiao.

Join the ranks in the Premiere NFT Boxing League! Brought to you by the one and only Boxing Legend: Manny “PacMan” Pacquiao.


Manny Pacquiao is known as one of the most successful professional boxers in history. He is the only world champion ever across 8 different divisions (Octuple Champion), and has taken home 12 world titles in his career.


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In 2014 Manny adopted a dog he named “Pacman”, who he loved and cherished as much as he did his sport. One tragic day in 2020, his beloved Pacman passed away after a sudden freak accident. Shocked and distraught, Manny mourned his loss ever since. Not a day goes by without Manny mentioning the life and light of his late Jack Russell Terrier…

One sunny afternoon after the accident, Manny and I were sitting in a quiet cafe when I casually introduced him to the idea of the Blockchain and all the wonderful things the technology can bring. While elaborating on various technical details, I began to see Manny’s face suddenly start to glow ecstatically as if he’d been struck by some life changing epiphany. “Does that mean… Pacman can be forever?”, he stuttered with excitement. And so it came to be! Manny Pacquiao’s very own NFT collection in sweet memory of his beloved Jack Russell Terrier, “Pacman”.

– Onix



The Pacman Collection is made up of 9,999 unique Boxer NFTs generated algorithmically from over 200 carefully hand drawn attributes. Each NFT holds not only visual traits, but also skill based attributes such as strength and stamina.


All Boxers in the collection belong to one of three tiers, and will be able to compete in their tier leagues for reward and recognition. Accumulating assets of each tier will also unlock incremental benefits both in game and in the real world. In other words, to reap the biggest rewards you’ll have to own assets in each tier!

Tier 3

The first Tier in the Pacman Boxing league consists of rookie boxers with basic common attributes.

Limited Supply: 7,000

Tier 2

Mid level Boxers with semi rare traits and improved skills, with more experience in the ring compared to Tier 3 boxers.

Limited Supply: 2,900

Tier 1

The top ranked boxing elite, possessing the rarest of traits and highest level of skill. Tier 1 Boxers will be most scarce in the collection thereby also unlocking the highest potential rewards and real world benefits.

Limited Supply: 99

Real World Utility

Owning assets in each tier will carry various actual real world benefits. Twice a year there will be redeemable items such as signed merchandise, event tickets, and exclusive access to very special occasions!

Tier 3 – Signed Merch
Collect 8 Tier 3 assets to get a chance to receive merchandise signed by Manny Pacquiao himself, sent to any international address.
Tier 2 – Exclusive Tickets
Collect 4 Tier 2 assets to receive access to exclusive tickets for premier sporting events and private themed parties around the world.
Tier 1 – Meet Manny!
Collect 2 Tier 1 assets to be granted the opportunity of a lifetime, to meet face to face the legend himself, Manny Pacquiao!

* In order to unlock the benefits from each tier, conditions of all the tiers below it must also be met.


Participate in the one and only Pacman Boxing League. Challenge other fighters in your league, earn belts, crypto rewards and become the champion of your tier! Not only will you be able to earn passive reward based on your asset rank but by all your boxing success will be written on chain thereby potentially increasing its value (if you’re good enough!).

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PACMAN official website launch.


Community Development and Presale Whitelist.


Early joining and/or increasingly active members who have had an exceptionally supportive and proactive role in the initial stages of the project.

Public Sale

Remaining supply will be made available to the public.

Publish Rarity

List collection on NFT marketplaces and popular ranking sites.

Phase 1

Pacman Boxing League – Development Tech Demo 1

The first insight into the Pacman Boxing League development will be posted. This may include initial gameplay teasers, UI Concepts and the first glimpse at the overall league structure for each tier.

First Redeemable Reward for Tier 3

Tier 3 Holders who meet the criteria will be able register for their first of many redeemable rewards! This will reoccur every 6 months.

Phase 2


After a successful launch, the Pacman Team will make donations from the proceeds to a number of athletic training schools for underprivileged children. It was also Manny’s request to make a sizeable donation to foundations helping stray dogs in his home country.

First Redeemable Reward for Tier 2

Tier 2 Holders will be able register for their first redeemable reward! Tier 2 rewards will reoccur every 8 months.

First Redeemable Reward for Tier 1

Our top tier holders will now be able to sign up for the very first meet and greet with Manny Pacquiao! The details of when are where will be announced closer to the date. This opportunity will be available only once a year! Each tier reward can only be unlocked by accumulating all requirements.

Pacman Boxing League

Development Tech Demo 2.

Phase 3

Pacman Boxing League – Alpha Launch

Select members of the community will gain early access to the Pacman Boxing League for testing and community feedback.

Pacman Boxing League – Beta Launch

Pacman Boxing League will be open to all holders to begin their journey through the ranks to become the ultimate champion of their tier!

  • Challenge other players
  • Monthly tournaments with rewards
  • Exhibition fights and sponsored events
Annual Award Ceremony

Once a year Pacman Boxers will gather for the prestigious award ceremony to honor the best of the best that year, followed by an exclusive themed evening event where we can all let loose and party!

Meet The Team

Led by Manny Pacquiao and Onix, the Pacman Team vows to bring a breath of fresh air to the NFT space and deliver a collection fitting for a champion.

Manny Pacquiao
Blue Magic
Web3 Advisor
Fabrizio Shao
IOHK Ambassador
Lead Artist
Blockchain Engineer
Utility & Strategy
Community Management


Who is Onix?

Onix and Manny have been close friends for over 10 years now, spanning most of his career and championship titles! Born in the Philippines but has been living in LA for nearly 15 years now! Onix was introduced to Manny through another close friend on his team back in the 90’s! Ever since then Onix would accompany Manny each and every time he visited the States for fights and training. Being a huge NFT Enthusiast from the early days of CryptoPunks and the inception of BAYC, Onix felt it was finally time to bring a project to life together with Manny Pacquiao! With the passing of Manny’s beloved dog, Onix knew this was project they should create together to let the legacy of Pacman live on forever.

Will there be rarity in each tier?

Absolutely! Each tier will have their own rarity and ranking. The top ranked NFTs in each tier will be published after the mint.

How to get whitelisted?

The first members to reach 5 invites (real active members, no bots) and level 10 on our Discord will have the highest chances of getting whitelisted! Next Whitelist tier will be published very soon!

How many NFTs will there be in each tier?

There will be a total of 7,000 NFTs in Tier 3, 2,900 NFTs in Tier 2, and 99 NFTs in Tier 1.

Which blockchain?


Mint date?

Tentative mint date is July 15th.